A call to remember

A call to remember

As we enter the height of the holiday season, there is an underlying current; an invitation from the land. Even as the chill descends, the soil still sings a song; one of remembrance. One of connection. One of a reminder of the depths of not only the farm, but of our connection to it, and the immense importance of cultivating that connection, even during the coldest days. Especially during the coldest nights.

This is what we seek to provide here at the farm - a rekindling of that connection by breaking through the illusion that there's anything blocking us from knowing it; feeling it. Walking the Christmas tree farm and blessing the trees with recognition; with an energy of reverence and respect, because truly, we are of the same soil. We are sustained by the same air. We are kissed by the same sun, and have been, and will continue to be.

We hope we can help guide our community to that space of awe; of magic and creation. Of pause. Of listening. Of standing before the trees; before the mountains, and feel the immensity of their existence...and our own.

We are excited to announce that Santa is coming to the Farm this year. We have made adjustments for everyone's safety including Santa's. Due to the high demand and the need for more intentionality this year we are inviting intimate groups of five at a time to visit and share their dreamt-of wishes with Old St. Nick. Tickets will go fast, so reserve your time to experience the magic of Christmas on the Farm, today.

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We've changed our name from Petersen Family Farm to The Kinlands, but we haven't changed who we are. Follow along as we bring the outside in with the language of the land.