Forgotten Wisdom

Forgotten Wisdom

Connection to the natural world is a passion that fuels us here at the farm, and it's a passion that we are striving to not only share, but foster in our community.

One way that we're taking action on this passion is through our collaboration with Jeannie Parkinson. A seasoned veteran and licensed instructor in Natural Horsemanship, she will be offering upcoming workshops geared towards establishing a natural, intuitive, respectful relationship with horses. She will also impart her experiences with the personal developmental and healing effects of working with horses, and how this experience is accessible, available, and beneficial to people of all ages.

And don't forget - there's still one week left of this year's Pumpkin Patch! So join us today to gather up the last of the season's pumpkins. To expand your awareness of the natural world, the healing it can provide, and to accept the opportunity to not only go deeper into the Patch, but into yourself, as well.

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We've changed our name from Petersen Family Farm to The Kinlands, but we haven't changed who we are. Follow along as we bring the outside in with the language of the land.