Story of the Soil

Story of the Soil

There’s so much in flux at the farm – the seasons, the harvest, the faces, the energy. But there’s another pulse of change flowing beneath the surface of the coming festivities. There are roots reaching for a deeper hold into the soil; roots of change. Roots of growth. Roots of the future.

A new chapter is unfolding for us here, and it includes everyone – our family, our team, and you. Up until this point, we’ve been working, loving, and laboring on leased land. Now, the opportunity to purchase this land is before us. The chance to ground the energy we all experience here – the primal impulse; the unstruck, indescribable chord – is now available for the taking.

So many hands and hearts have made this land what it is today. If the soil could speak, the stories it would tell. And as we till and turn that same soil, a new story emerges, one that includes more characters, more voices, more expansion into what could be.

We’re beginning a new journey at the farm, and we want you to be a part of it. We’re extending our hands, offering you a deeper look – a deeper connection – into what this space means, and all of the possibilities it holds. We’re hoping you’ll walk this road with us, side by side, as we move towards an even more expansive horizon.

The land is calling, and this time, it's calling for permanence. Through change. Through us all.