The Kinlands - a deeper understanding

The Kinlands - a deeper understanding

We've talked a lot about change recently. And we've made a transition as of late, you can read about it here if you missed it. We changed our name to The Kinlands, a way to sit in the middle of evolution and permanence here.

You've heard stories about the land we love for some time now, but there are tangible and intangible evolutions happening here that we are very excited about. The farm and our crops are not going away, however we've recognized that the farm is not the only thing here, we're being asked to call out what has been growing for several years here now.

This has never just been about one person. We have always had a team of like-minded people manifesting this expression. We have an on-the-ground team working in the market bringing forth creative ways to view everyday items. We have a photographer that captures authentic moments in time. We have a team of three writing words that you read in emails and posts. We have partnered with individuals heping us to highlight goats and horses and their innate interest in connecting with us. We have new apprentices that are bringing their expertise to our vision, hoop houses, fields, and foundation.

Joel is bringing his knowledge as a technician into the hoops. Rojo is working to balance form and function. Shana spends her time caring for our new horses, Boogie, Dublin, and Flora who have traveled from far away to come here and connect with you. Leo and Alvaro live on the land for nine months out of their year, tending to the needs that the seasons bring. Cozette came from the technology industry to dig her hands in the dirt, and Kassidy is venturing into a creative realm supported by the vision that we are manifesting from the outside in.

This is a partnership between me and Jen, but more than that it is a collective of people who freely give their thoughts, feelings, and intentions to this space for us, and for you. So if you have enjoyed visiting us, reading our words, and have felt something here, then you know that the name Petersen Family Farm can no longer carry this message singularly. You have now heard several of the names, and will soon meet the faces of those that have been building this space for many, many moons together.

The Kinlands.

A space for everyone. Not just a family. Not just a farm. Not just people who have been with us for a long time. A space to listen to the land. To bring the outside in. And to play the strings of the universe.

Join us at our Spring Open House tomorrow from 9 am-6 pm to welcome Spring, take a complimentary wagon ride and see the season with new eyes. If you can't make it tomorrow, we have other ways of celebrating Spring: join our Spring Floral Arrangement workshop or sign up for a Spring Land Experience to celebrate the evolution that is happening and that is to come.

See you soon

Just Luke and Jen