Welcome to The KINLANDS

Welcome to The KINLANDS

To a season of New,

It's Springtime now, a season when all the world is renewed and the expression of new life, a continuation of countless lives and seasons before, begins to be revealed anew. All is new in the presence of all that has ever been. All is one in the conglomeration of the whole. Everything is new and everything is familiar. This is the story of life. While that sounds like philosophy, poetry or rhetoric, you can be sure that it is operative in our lives here. We write what we see. As you have been following along, there has been movement here on the land, in our hearts, in our home, and in our work.

The Universe is a magical thing and oftentimes it speaks loud enough for you to hear it, or strong enough for you to feel it. Both of which have happened, and so we moved towards what was begging to be heard. Experiencing this kind of personal awakening is a transcendental experience. Experiencing it in tandem with another soul is an epic of perspective, a mirror that reflects not only who you are, but where you have been and where you might go. This is the miracle of two souls as one. Many of you have asked about the source of our inspiration, our voice, the artful expressions you see and experience you have. These are the manifestation of many hands, linking back to two dreamers, two souls intent on playing the strings of the universe. Luke Petersen and Jen Winter. Such is the story of two worlds that, while once independent, have now come together.

Today we are writing this message together, revealing that we aren’t alone in this understanding. Luke and I, Jen and I, have been side by side and together we have been creating a new world, an evolution, in a conscious manner that has aching awareness at times and mystical moments that sweep us up into a flow that seems unbound to anything in time and space.

For the past two years we have chosen to follow the feeling we share, and we are following it, together. We have been asking, listening, working, talking, thinking, feeling,and meeting with anyone that would listen and give perspective. We find clues and omens, inspiration and revelation as we connect with the horses, read books, work with the land, watch shows, drink whiskey, play music, evolve, drive, travel, and meet with individuals that have insight that we long to know more about. Our time together, our two businesses, and our families have come together, and have begun to know each other intimately.

It has been a partnership since day one, following connections as old as time. As an expression of a true partnership we have given it a name, The KINLANDS. Two worlds that know each other in the middle of it all, and while we believe it to be the most undefined thing we have ever done, we have manifested it into this world so that we may continue to do the work together, and with you.

The Kinship has evolved and so has Petersen Family Farm. Today, two halves of the same whole are lacing together into the strength and understanding of many. The word Kinlands is what it sounds like, familiar, grounded, a place to be curious, to be open, to explore your vision, your business, your family, your life inside a space that not only adds support, service, and development, but invites you to play out your inner most and even secret desires on the land. It’s now something you can see, taste, smell, touch, hear, and love. The Kinlands is dynamic enough to hold us firmly on the ground while we let our spirit fly to the heights we can only imagine. Watch, follow along, be a part of this journey. Walk with us and open the many doorways that life has to show us. The Kinship has found a home, The Petersen Family Farm has found rest, and within that restful home, we are able to welcome you in a way that has not been possible before.

We invite you to explore what that means, visit, reach out, and work with us.

Watch our new video and above all, Welcome to The Kinlands.

With all we are,

Jen and Luke