Your Corner Store

Your Corner Store

Imagine: you open the door, ringing a bell that’s suspended above it. The shopkeeper comes out at the sound and greets you by name. He remembers your mother’s health and your son’s favorite cookies. He asks how the new chili recipe you were trying last week turned out. You find what you need without having to sort through dozens of competing brands and pick the best of the seasonal produce.

The visit isn’t just an errand. It’s a chance to connect and chat, to learn what’s happening in the neighborhood, to share stories and advice. But places like these are more difficult to find by the day.

Every day in our market, we work to create that same warm corner store atmosphere that sustained communities for generations. It’s not a project of nostalgia. Instead, we’re building something new: an invitation to step sideways out of the constant flow of notifications and calls for our attention and into a place that truly deserves our attention.

-Farmer Luke

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