welcome to the farm.


We’re so excited to announce that the greenhouse opening is just around the corner! Look for the open greenhouse in the first week of April.

Extending far past your typical rows of plants, flowers and seeds, this year the Greenhouse will be a hub for all things connecting us to the Earth. We truly feel that something wonderful grows when we connect ourselves to the land, and what better place to foster this connection than your own backyard? We’ve worked hard to stock the greenhouse with everything you’ll need to cultivate the Earth around you.

Planting a seed.

We have seed bags, seed starts and a nice array of seed packages from Hudson Valley to help you take the first step. We also have row boxes, gardening tools, gloves and kits, so you're fully equipped for the journey. We even have gardening kits for children, to make Saturday mornings in the garden even more fun.  


We’ve done our best to make this a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need, so stock up on natural bug spray, live ladybugs, and live praying mantises, which are a natural pest control we encourage everyone to use.  

Extending the connection.

Once your garden is planted and flourishing, continue the connection with bird bug food and hummingbird food that is bagged and ready to be put out.

We’re also excited to be carrying Queen Farina mason bees and mason bee house kits. Mason Bees are among the easiest to raise, while also being gentle and amazing pollinators. By raising Mason Bess, we can increase their declining population and sustain future food supply. Learn more about Mason bees in this blog post

Not to mention the beautiful hanging baskets that make the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.   

We look forward to seeing you in the greenhouse and making this purposeful connection together.

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