Christmas on the Farm

Christmas on the Farm

The tractor rumbles to life, sending vibrations through the earth and the wagon trailing it. We set off under cover of darkness. The way isn’t lit, but we know it anyway, know it in our bones. The night closes in around us.

As we close our city-senses, the ones that operate under the bright lights and controlled environments, we open older ones. We create space for the magic of the season. The story begins.

The wagon jostles a little as we leave the comfort of the market and set out for the meadow. In the chill, we huddle a little closer to lend one another warmth. It starts out small in the distance, and grows as we approach: a tucked-away world, hidden in the one we inhabit. In the midst of the most quiet, most settled part of the farm, lit by stars, we come into contact with something otherworldly. We’re transported to a place where anything is possible.

The door opens. Our hearts open. With those open hearts, ready to believe, we walk in.

There, in the meadow, old Farmer Nick is waiting. He’s full of an old truth, the kind of understanding that shines through the eyes. The magic he brings isn’t complicated. Instead, it’s deep, growing from the earth the way a tree grows from its roots. Meeting him awakens our tangled histories, our long-buried, living truth.

This Christmas, forget the world you came from and enter a new one.

You can take the journey to experience Santa’s magic from 5-8 pm on December 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21. Tickets are available in the Farm Market.


Farmer Luke

P.s. This is life on the land, dress warm and bundle up, we're taking you for a different ride this holiday season.

Your Farmer-

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