July 2020, Week 1

July 2020, Week 1

No matter how long we’ve been doing this, there is always room for something new. There are always problems that demand new solutions, and solutions that bring new problems.

A good musician can read music from a page. A really good musician can interpret music, adding depth and color. A great musician can improvise, pulling notes from what feels like thin air.

We all go through our phases of being good, of being better. We even go through phases of being great. But just like musicians, we don’t always live there. We start over with new music, with a new score laid out in front of us. Every time, we learn to play again.

We are still accepting registrations for our Farm Camp!

There is no better time for your family to join us in discovering all that the farm has to offer.  We are ready to welcome your children into our safe, healthy environment where they are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Click HERE for more info and to sign up! 

This week in your Simple Share...

Please join us at your selected time to experience the farm in a deeper way. 

This week we will be picking fragrant bunching onions!

Perfectly ripe, juicy, and delicious! A favorite summertime staple. 

Greek Lemon Potatoes 

Cabbage Radish and Apple Coleslaw

Skillet Mexican Street Corn

Rainbow Chard with Bacon and Polenta

Grassfed Ground Beef - 1 lb
Canyon Meadows Ranch

Sourdough Bread 
Stoneground Bakery

We'll see you next week!

- The Simple Share Team