3-Week Natural Horsemanship Clinic

November 10, November 17, and November 24 from 6:00-8:00 PM

When we truly understand our horses, and our horses truly understand us, communication becomes instinctual. We read each other’s movements, weight shifts, eyes. We notice each other’s breath. Together, we move beyond ideas of obeying and behaving and into a true partnership, in which we work together with horses to achieve mutual goals.

Move toward that mutual partnership with your horse at our in-depth, three-week natural horsemanship clinic. Once a week, you’ll meet with a small, select group to develop a personalized, highly structured experience. Each week builds from the last, leaving you with new skills to practice and new ideas to explore.

This course is taught by Jeannie Parkinson, a veteran of the techniques, who has been exploring and honing her natural horsemanship skills for over 15 years. She is a 2-star Parelli Professional, licensed to instruct On Line, Liberty, and FreeStyle (riding) courses. With her as your experienced guide, you’ll develop your proficiency through growing knowledge, a structured curriculum, and a series of exercises to build trust between you and your horse partner. You’ll learn how natural horsemanship builds on horses’ inborn tendencies, and how to be the assertive, fair, and gentle leader that brings out the best in the horses you work with.

For this workshop, you are welcome to bring your own horse or to work with one of ours. If you choose to bring your own horse, please just let us know by emailing jen@petersenfarm.com. Either way, you’ll leave at the end feeling more calm, more confident, and more able to work with horses in whatever capacity you imagine going forward.

*Workshops are non-refundable

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