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History of the Farm with Farmer Luke

Thursday, March 21, 6:30 pm

Since 1871, the Petersen family has lived and worked on this land, pulling life and livelihood from the soil. Luke Petersen, a fifth-generation operator of this family farm, is hosting an evening conversation about the farm, its history, and its future. He’ll discuss the movement of the Petersen family, and how they came to Riverton, as well as some of the changes they saw over a century on the land. He’ll reflect on exuberant moments and moments in which the farm seemed like a lost cause. He’ll also talk about the storied pasts of many of the farm structures.

But this isn’t just a talk about the past - it’s also an invitation to the future. Farmer Luke will tell his own story, including why the Petersen family keeps the farm open to the community, and what the coming years may hold.

Join us for an evening of history, reflection, laughter, and anticipation as Luke opens up to the farm community, sharing his deep sense of heritage, curiosity, and intention in an engaging talk. You’ll see a whole new side to the farm, and feel a new appreciation for the many family farmers who have called this land their home.

What to Expect:

  1. An engaging history of the farm and the land that it’s on.
  2. Discussion of the changes the farm has gone through, and the stories of many of its visible structures.
  3. Reflection on the farm’s current role in the community.
  4. A narrative for the future of the farm, and the place it has.
  5. Time for questions and answers about the farm and farming in a changing world.

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