Farm Market Manager

Have you heard it? The call that echoes across the farm, like a beacon, for that special person looking to fulfill their natural instinct and be part of something bigger than themselves.

Part of that calling is created by the farm itself. It’s a place imbued with little ripples of magic that are naturally created from the land.

Another part of it is created by our Farm Market Manager. Working intentionally with the natural feeling of the farm, the manager works to blend our year-round vision into an ongoing connection with the community. They capture everything we love about the land and funnel it into something our visitors can feel and embody. They work in equal part from their intellect and from their imaginations. Together with the other members of the farm team, they create something to celebrate about each season.

Who do you know who is instinctive, creative, and vibrant enough to embody a life on the land?

Is it you?

It’s a position you won’t find everywhere, and so in turn we’re looking for a person we can’t find just anywhere. We’re looking for someone open-minded, who can think on their feet, and who is able to create a link between our mission and our visitors. The Farm Market Manager has a curious mind. They enjoy learning, and communicating face-to-face and in writing. They are able to listen to and balance multiple views, working within an overall farm vision that they will become part of. This person can see both the big picture of what’s happening on the farm seasonally, and also the small picture of what needs to happen each day.

If you believe in what we are doing here - to discover, to stay in tune with nature, to hold space for wonder in our community - we look forward to meeting you.

The Farm Market Manager is responsible for:
- Retail Team Leadership and Development 
- Tracking and forecasting of sales
- Ordering produce based on season

- Merchandising and inventory management
- Customer Service
- Produce rotation

 The ideal candidate has:
- A curious, inquiring mind
- Experience in retail or service-industry positions
- Department or supervisory experience
- Experience with POS systems, inventory systems and Microsoft Office programs
- Experience with tracking sales and budgets
- The ability to self-discipline and self-motivate, working toward an overall vision in different paced, and ever-changing environments
- Great communication skills

 Please fill out the online application, telling us about yourself and why you would like to join the team and upload a resume of your experience and background.

 Online Application



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