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Enroll your 4-12-year-olds in an unforgettable farm camp unlike any other! Our campers will spend their time on the farm seeing, hearing, touching, and exploring as we learn about where our food comes from, and maybe more importantly, gain an appreciation for the simple beauty of life.  We live, thrive, connect, play, and discover on the farm.
Something wonderful happens when we connect with others and to the land.  Our counselors assist in nurturing and cultivating curiosity and discovery through explorations on a real working farm.  These lasting memories will create growth and connections that can only be experienced on a farm.
Your child can learn and grow every year by advancing from 'farm hand' to 'farm mentor.'  Work on level advancement all year long, at home and on the farm, with our lists of activities and advancement requirements.
Summer Camp Activities Include:
Animals: Children absolutely love caring for our farm animals, which include goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and bees.  Your child will have the opportunity to not only care for the animals but interact and bond with them as a farmer does.  Farm chores teach campers the importance of work by rotating responsibilities throughout the week.  Campers also learn how dependent the animals are on the chores getting done.  This creates a sense of belonging and fulfillment in our campers.

Plants: We learn about farm crops, get our hands in the dirt, and grow our own pumpkins and come back to harvest in the fall.  We also engage your child in the farm's garden to see how to care for healthy foods.  Healthy bodies begin with healthy eating habits.  Caring for plants help your child learn where healthy foods come from and expose them to a broad range of good food choices.

Food: We connect the importance of farms to our daily lives by turning fresh produce into delicious snacks. We go straight into the garden and pick fresh produce to create even more than a snack.  It becomes an experience that will lead your child to enjoy healthy foods.  Many campers are trying some of the produce for the first time and love them! (No worries if your little farmer has allergies, we have experience and are more than happy to accommodate.)

Tractors:  Because what would a farm be without learning about the tools we use! Farms are a lot of work! Campers get to see and learn how the tractors help the farmers get their work done.  Each week ends in a farmer-guided tour of the farm on a wagon ride pulled by a tractor. 

Most importantly we have fun!

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Questions? Visit our FAQ page, email farmcamp@petersenfarm.com
or call 801-999-8592.  

The nature of our program limits the age group we can safely accommodate, we are not able to register children under the age of 4. Thank you for your understanding.