Revealing the simple beauty of life

Farm Summer Camp

The land is our oldest and most generous teacher. When we learn its language, we can read our world in new ways. We all know people who are smart in different ways: book-smart, or street-smart, or people-smart. At the farm, with the sky above us and the soil below, we become earth-smart.

This summer, young farmers ages 4-12 will unlock their deep, innate connection to the land. They’ll tune into the rhythms of the seasons. They’ll climb and explore, play and discover. 

They’ll get a little muddy, maybe a little ragged around the edges. But that’s the world we live in. It isn’t perfect, or perfectly predictable. It’s awe-inspiring. We honor it, not holding ourselves apart but instead trusting that we, too, are part of the landscape.

Welcome to the farm!

Keep up with us as we move through the seasons with fresh produce, workshops, summer camp, holidays, and events.