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Enroll your 4-12-year-olds in an unforgettable farm camp unlike any other! Our campers will spend their time on the farm seeing, hearing, touching, and exploring as we learn about where our food comes from, and maybe more importantly, gain an appreciation for the simple beauty of life.  We live, thrive, connect, play, and discover on the farm.
Something wonderful happens when we connect with others and to the land.  Our counselors assist in nurturing and cultivating curiosity and discovery through explorations on a real working farm.  These lasting memories will create growth and connections that can only be experienced on a farm.

Each camper will learn and grow as they experience the qualities of being a farmer.  We have incorporated each of these qualities into the camper's experience on the farm, and each day of camp will bring them closer to becoming a farmer.

Cultivator - All plants and animals require preparation to create the ultimate conditions to grow and thrive.  Campers begin as cultivators of the land to prepare for planting and make preparations for farm animals so they can thrive.

Planter - Soil is not the only important thing involved in planting a seed.  It is also important to know how to create a space that promotes healthy growth for our plants.  As the campers plant their pumpkins to harvest in the fall, they learn what it takes to make sure that the seed is in the healthiest environment to produce a bountiful harvest.

Nurturer - As a nurturer, they learn how to keep their seeds and plants growing with the goal of having a harvest at the end of the season.  Water, sun, temperatures, insects, and other forces of nature play a part in how seeds grow.  Campers learn to nurture seeds and plants in a way that promotes the best growth.  Animals also require nurturing.  Campers meet the needs of the animals by learning about and performing, daily farm chores to feed, clean up after, interact, and bond with the animals in a way that only a farmer can.

Harvester - During our week of camp, campers see how their hard work of taking care of plants and animals leads to rewards:  collecting eggs; picking pumpkins in the fall; collecting food from the garden for their snacks; or playing with the animals, they gain satisfaction knowing they were a part of the process that cultivated, planted, and nurtured the bounty of the farm.

Farmer - All of the qualities that are achieved throughout the week help the campers make their journey to become a junior farmer.

Join us on this journey of finding the farmer in all of us!

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Questions? Visit our FAQ page, email farmcamp@petersenfarm.com
or call 801-999-8592.  

The nature of our program limits the age group we can safely accommodate, we are not able to register children under the age of 4. Thank you for your understanding.