welcome to the farm.


We are grounded in a fifth generation legacy of food production.  Tractors, plows, boots and techniques come and go, but the whispers of nature, hard lessons,  heartfelt approaches, and uncompromising loyalty to the land are the heirlooms that we pass down from generation to generation.  Caring for the land is not what we do, it is a part of who we are.  We feel so blessed to have been handed down a culture of learning from the land as we care for it, improving year by year.
While we grow dozens of different crops to include in our Simple Share subscription and in the on-farm Market, we have a few that we really have developed a special affinity for Sweet Corn, Shelled Peas, Vine-ripe tomatoes, Watermelon, Popcorn, and Pumpkins are what we are known for.  

Sweet Corn

On the farm, we learned a long time ago that not all sweet corn is created equal.  There are hundreds of varieties each with different characteristics and levels of sugar content, crispness, ear size, texture, flavor, and shelf life.  Most of the corn you find in stores is grown to maximize its husk appearance, size of ear, and shelf life.  There are two main reasons why Petersen Farms sweet corn is THE BEST.  
We select our varieties for high sugar content, flavor, and texture.  We want an optimal eating experience for you and your family.  When you bite into our corn it will explode into your mouth with an intense flavor, every time.  
    Our corn is FRESH.  Corn is, of course, a grain not a vegetable.  Therefore, it is naturally a starch.  We choose to eat sweet corn in the immature “milk stage” which is a very short-lived part of corn life cycle.  Even in a cooler, corn can convert up to 10% of its sugar to starch in just one day.  Each day it sits in the grocer's case, the more mature and starchy it becomes.  Our corn is picked and sold daily, this is one huge reason sweet corn is just so much better from the farm.


    English pod peas have been a part of the Petersen Farm for generations.  Grandpa Pete used to grow acres of them each year up until the late 70's when the processing companies began to consolidate and left the Salt Lake Valley.  There are stories of the old-time harvest when they used to cut the plants with a sickle bar and load the vines onto a wagon with an old fork loader on the tractor.  They would then be hauled down to the stationary sheller which sat at about 3200 west on 12600 south where the Peckham asphalt company now sits.  
    Luke always dreamed of bringing this important crop back to the farm.  It is not only a special treat to have fresh, shelled peas in the spring time but it is also a great rotational crop that improves the soil.  When the Brock Brothers in West Valley retired from farming in 2012 Luke had the opportunity to purchase their vintage pea shellers.  Just like that our dreams came true.  These amazing old machines are our vintage vixens.  These tenacious machines do all the work for you.  They are able to process peas, vines, and all right in the field and then deliver to us the finished product, fresh shelled peas you can enjoy by the handful.  We are the only farm in the Salt Lake area that shells peas, we are proud to carry on this Petersen tradition and to bring this sweet crop back to the community. 


    Popcorn was always an important part of growing up on the farm.  Mom would get out the old air popper, real butter, and salt and whip us up a bowl of old time popcorn to enjoy while the whole family took in a featured family film on Sunday afternoon or headed to Blockbuster on Friday night for the newest release.  Remember all the folks in town you used to run into at the video store?  
    Our memories of popcorn and the good old days led us to experiment with adding popcorn into our cropping system in 2010.  We have loved growing popcorn so much that we have increased our acreage every year, experimenting with all the varieties.  Today we offer 4 different varieties of gourmet, local popcorn for you and your family to enjoy.  Our favorite part of growing popcorn is selling it right on the cob.  Purchasing a popcorn gift pack and popping it right off of the cob adds an educational, fun element to an already popular snack.  Teach your children where popcorn comes from and enjoy a popcorn treat directly from your local farm, and right from the cob. 
    Try our "Pop on the Cob" popcorn here.


    Fall on the farm is magical.  The change in the air, cooler days, and that melancholy feeling of a change in seasons just seeps into your bones and calls you to the farm with your family.   We know you’ll be looking for the perfect pumpkin to decorate your home and for the kids to carve.  Over the years we have developed a very diversified mix of the best pumpkins around.  We grow them bigger, brighter and in more shapes and colors than anyone around.  One visit to the pumpkin patch and you will discover a whole new world of pumpkin possibilities.  Once you begin to think outside the Walmart 15 lb standard jack-o-lantern your Halloween and Fall decoration world will begin to expand.  From vibrant colors and interesting shapes of daisy gourds to the giant stems and orange majesty of the Phat Jack pumpkins, you can discover the pumpkins of your dreams at Petersen Family Farms. 


    Vine ripe, garden fresh tomatoes are the taste of summer.  Our family has been growing them for generations.  We know you want them sweet, big, juicy and red so we choose the best varieties.   We grow tens of thousands of plants each year but we never stop improving.  Each year we trial between 20-30 new varieties so we make sure we always have the best fruit to use on your summer burger grill or that salsa recipe you have handed down from generation to generation.  Slice into an unforgettable summer treat at the Petersen Farm.


    Farmer Luke never cared much for watermelons until he tried growing them himself in 2009.  He learned how to pick them at the peak of ripeness and he fell in love with them.  We have trialed many different varieties of watermelon and have settled on the sweetest of the sweet.  We take this to the next level by using a very intuitive, intensive method to pick them just right.  There is nothing better than being told by a couple in their 80s that Petersen watermelons are the best they have had in their life.  We grow an amazing red seedless and in 2016 began a new chapter with our yellow seedless.  No matter your choice, you Petersen watermelons are a sure bet.