Simple Share FAQ

  How does our month to month CSA program work?  

Each customer will have the opportunity to sign-up online, with the convenience of your service carrying over from month to month without the need to sign-up each month. Your share will be more than a food basket, with weekly experiences that will bring you closer to the land and the simple flow of life. You will choose a pickup time on Monday or Saturday, and a Farm Guide will walk you through a short experience that will bring you a greater appreciation and awareness for the land.  
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  How many shares will be available for 2020?
A:  60 shares
Q:  What kind of items will be in the share?  
A:  Our shares will follow the seasonal harvests equivalent to one half bushel per week.  We will work to maintain a varied offering of fruits, vegetable, and small batch goods. 
Q:  Are all of your foods local?
A:  We grow our own, and have a large local agricultural base specific to the UT area that will contribute a nice portion to our shares.  Additionally, we have also had the opportunity to create relationships with other fantastic farmers from Utah and in the West that bring diversity in both growing season and varieties of fruits and veggies.  Over time we have tested, tried and curated a select few farmers and small batch producers, that will also be debuting in our shares. 
Q:  How much are the shares each month?  
A:  Each share will be set at $175 per month, each month you will be charged on the first day of the month for the following month.  You will notice a charge on your credit card billed as *recharge or from Petersen Family Farm.  
We bill one month in advance, this allows our buying team the turnaround time necessary to procure the correct amount of fresh and small batch items for all those participating. 
Q:  How do I sign-up for the program?
A:  Sign-up for the program is easy, click here.
Q.  Does this replace your summer share CSA?
A.  We have a limited availability Summer Share that runs 14 weeks during the summer. The Summer Share is only produce and doesn't include the small-batch goods, and does not include the hands-on experience every week.
Q:  What if I need to skip a week?  
A:  We recommend you share with your neighbor, a family member or co-worker during the week you are unavailable.  
Q:  What happens if I forget to pick-up my share?
A:  If you are unable to pick-up your share or find a substitute, we will donate the weekly share to an identified local charity in your honor.
Q:  What if I need to cancel?
A: The Simple Share enrollment/cancellation period is the 1st through the 21st of each month.  Once your sign-up is completed online, enrollment is ensured for the upcoming month and no refunds or cancellations will be accepted.  During the month of enrollment, Simple Share members wishing to cancel their subscription for the following month will need to cancel within the first 21 days of each month.  This allows us a one week buffer at the end of each month where no enrollments or cancellations will be possible.  This buffer week is essential for the farm team to procure and plan for the upcoming month, while still providing a fantastic share and excellent experience.
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