Summer on the Farm

The land is our oldest and most generous teacher. We’re born speaking its language. For many of us, it becomes a distant memory, paved over by modern lives. But when children and teens come to the farm, they’re immersed in the power of the soil, the sky, the potential and new growth. They change, not into something new, but into a full expression of what has always been.

This summer, children ages 7 to 12, and 12+ will unlock a deep, innate connection to the land and animals with our two programs "Earth Smarts, and Goats", or in "The Language of the Horse". They’ll tune into the rhythms of the world around them. They’ll observe, connect, and discover. They’ll engage deeply with our team of goats and horses, and feel the power they have to create a deeper understanding. Summer here is an invitation to find a place in the living universe.

*Keep up-to-date on the opening registration dates for "The Language of the Horse" program via social media, email, or checking back on our website daily. We have a large wait list and expect this program to book up quickly. This program is for individuals ages 12 to adults, and will run for 4 days with the option to choose morning or afternoon time slots.

Our Response to covid-19

Farm Camp is coming up! We're busy preparing a rich, immersive curriculum for each child who attends. As always, we're focused on giving each child a deeply meaningful experience while keeping an emphasis on safety. We're staying apprised of best practices and new guidelines, which we intend to implement to give each child a chance to experience the outdoors.

We know your child will have a wonderful experience this year at Farm Camp. And we're committed to making it as safe as it is fascinating.

Welcome to the farm!

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