Earth Smart, and Goats - June 21-24, 2021

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Mon, June 21 - Thurs, June 24, 2021

We send our kids to school to learn “book smarts.” We provide opportunities for them to interact and play to learn “social smarts.” We try to give them enough exposure to learn “street smarts.” But there’s something missing. A connection to the world around us and it’s naturally occurring rhythms that we get out of touch with. Earth Smarts.

In our reimagined Farm Camp, we are getting closer to what we’ve always wanted to share with the families and children that share the land with us. An intentional moment for us to remember our basic need for connecting to the world outside ourselves. 

In Earth Smarts, we’ll learn about the land, the natural seasons, and animals. We’ll focus at least an hour a day on connecting with some of our favorite animals on the farm: goats. We’re going to connect to the elements - earth, wood, fire, metal, water - and recognize how those affect our state of being.

This is an opportunity to get in touch with ourselves, and the land in a different way. A free-flowing, unstructured opportunity for us to connect and develop some Earth Smarts, together.

*Price is per attendee.
**Children must be between the ages of 7-12 when they attend. 
***Full day attendees must bring their own lunch. 

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Note: If registering more than one child, be sure to enter the correct quantity in your cart. Cost is per child. All registrations are non-refundable.   

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