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Grizzly, Polar & Black Bear Biology with Wesley Larson


April 5, 6:30 pm-8:00 pm

Who is Wes Larson? aka @grizkid Watch here.

We can’t wait to hear from special guest, Wesley Larson (aka @Grizkid), about his up close and personal experiences with bears and wildlife. Wes is a wildlife biologist, who has done extensive research, and specializes in the study of bears, even going so far as to crawl into their dens as they hibernate in order to tag them for research purposes. In this all-ages workshop, expect to hear more about his experiences, the wildlife he studies, and special visuals that paint the picture of just how amazing these creatures are. 

(Don't worry, no bears will be present, but the tales Wes has to share with us are just as amazing!)


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