Spring on the Farm Session 1 (2020)

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Join a small group of people who will become your farm family this season. For six weeks, you’ll walk and work alongside the farmers who love this space. You’ll be inspired by the land and finding your place in its rhythms. Together, we’ll build a life-changing experience guided by deep knowledge, inquiry, and curiosity.

Summer on the Farm has two components. The first - and most important - is experiential. You’ll savor the sensory moments of life on the land while participating in the work that makes what we do possible. The second component wraps around the experience, giving you the perspective to process what you’re learning. In semi-structured classroom conversations, we’ll cover everything from basic farm safety, ecology to art, economics, and history. Our Farm Mentor, William DeMille, is well-versed in a range of fields that he draws from daily. He’ll share the farm life and the practices including cultivation, economics, literature, the agricultural roots of civilization, and agriculture in the modern world. We'll certainly reflect on the local farm's role in the 21st century and how it continues to move forward.

What to expect:

  • 6 weeks of first hand experience on the farm, alongside our farm team
  • Approximately 4 hours per week of semi-classroom form, and in-field experiences
  • Thursday evenings from 6-8:00 PM
  • Saturday mornings from 7:00-9:00 AM
  • Learning and practicing with nature, life cycles, caring for plants, harvesting, art, culture, behind the scenes experiences, economics of the farm, and life


Frequently asked questions can be found here. 

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